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Growing up on a farm taught Robert Dimmick the value of having and being a good neighbor. It means keeping the farm in top shape so it's pleasing to those who wander by, it means hospitality, caring and helping others. That's why we call ourselves Neighborly Farms. Like the good feeling you get when someone is "neighborly". Robert and Linda Dimmick have a passion for the land and animals. That's why Neighborly Farms is a totally organic farm. This means the farm is operated in complete harmony with the land and animals-no antibiotics or commercial fertilizers.

"Olde Randolph", Neighborly Farms
Clothbound Cheddar Wins Best of Show

Neighborly Farms Organic Farmstead Cheeses Receive More Awards From the
American Cheese Society

Robert, Bobby, Bailey, Billy, and Linda

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Just pure and natural techniques that keep the cows healthy and happy and the dairy products wholesome and chemical free. You can feel good about the dairy produced at Neighborly Farms of Vermont. Robert and Linda are getting back to basics at Neighborly Farms-being good stewards of the beautiful surroundings and animals and sharing the results by producing the best pure and natural dairy products possible. Come visit the farm. We'll show you the cows at milking time and how we make our tasty organic cheeses.