All cheese is made from our milk produced on our USDA certified organic farm. That’s what is meant by “Organic Farmstead” on our labels. Raw milk cheeses MUST be aged at least 60 days at a minimum of 38 F.
Raw Milk Cheddar – our best seller! Typically aged six to eight months-this is the mildest of our cheddars. In addition to the goodness of raw milk, you’ll also enjoy the complexity of this cheese, as nothing from the original flavor profile of the milk is destroyed by pasteurization. Sharp Raw Milk Cheddar As to the left, but aged twelve to eighteen months to really bring out the flavor! It might be a little crumbly, but it’s creamy and delightful on the palette. A notch sharper than other “sharp”cheddars.
Jalapeño Monterey Jack We don’t know what sparked the ACS judges to pick this as their favorite flavored Monterey Jack, but we’re glad they did. Maybe it’s what we like about it: the perfect blend of fiery hot dried jalapeños and our creamy smooth Jack. Try it in recipes or cube it up to get your next party hopping!
ACS – 1st Place 2008
Monterey Jack There’s monterey jack and then there’s Neighborly Farms Monterey Jack! A two-time ACS award-winner, and the milder cousin to our recent blue-ribbon winner. Creamy and smooth, it’s the perfect compliment to Mexican food. In fact, it’s the exclusive cheese used at the Cosmic Cantina, an organic Mexican restaurant in New York City. Shred it for cooking, or cube it for smacking.
ACS – 2nd Place 2005, 3rd Place 2006
Colby This was the judge’s favorite Colby last year at the American Cheese Society-and it was our first blue ribbon. It’s always the kid’s favorite with its cheery orange color and it’s mild sweet/nutty flavor. Colby is an American original that was invented in Colby, Wisconsin. It is a cheddar that’s not “cheddared,” which accounts for it being somewhat softer and milder than a real cheddar.
ACS- 1st Place 2007
Feta Feta is traditionally made with sheep milk. You’ll find a lot made with goat milk too. Ours is different because it’s made with cow milk. And because of that, people who don’t like traditional feta, tend to love our feta. (People who like traditional feta like our feta too.) in the summertime, it’s our second best seller. It has a milder, richer taste, and a less crumbly and sliceable texture. Great on salads and for snacking.
Sage Cheddar Available in November and December An old Vermont favorite, and one of very few Sage Cheddars still available, This has a wonderful flavor and is very popular in Vermont around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and there’s no reason it won’t be just as popular in your home! For a special treat, try it melted onto an omelet. Chipotle Cheddar Our hot new contender! This is simply our pasteurized organic cheddar with organic chipotle chili powder added to the finished curd, yielding a beautiful orange marble effect. The taste is anything but simple. It starts with a mellow smoky flavor (chipotle is smoked chili peppers) and finishes with a nice bit of warmth that lingers and begs for more. Not quite as hot as our award-winning Jalapeno Jack, it makes an outrageous grilled cheese sandwich.
Green Onion Cheddar Along with our plain Monterey Jack, this was our first award winner. It is a simply brilliant combination: mild cheddar with the mild taste of fresh organic green onions-light and delicious! It’s also a very pretty cheese with its bright green flecks of fresh green onion. This one’s so good, the crackers get left behind. Note: We use fresh certified organic green onions, locally produced when available. ACS – 2nd Place 2005, 3rd Place 2006 Garlic Cheddar This simply a mild cheddar with a big garlic and herb flavor. If you love italian, you’ll love this cheese. Works great in cooking.

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